ABOUT #hammontonsmall

Salon A'vanti is hosting a #hammontonsmall initiative

Now more than ever, it’s essential to support small, family-owned businesses. We are teaming up with other local businesses in the Hammonton area to motivate shoppers to support local this holiday season.

As part of the initiative, are giving away 2 Hammonton branded tote bags stuffed with goodies from local businesses. You can see all the giveaway details here.

We are also selling “Salon A’vanti, Support Local” blueberry printed totes (check them out here) so you can show off your Hammonton Pride. 

Start here

There are many ways you can show support for your local merchants, here are a few ways to get the ball rolling

Keep it Local

This one is most obvious but necessary. Keeping it small and local means helping your neighbors put their kids in college and pay their mortgages.

Share the love

Word of mouth is a great way to share the love of your local businesses. Help your word go further by liking, commenting, and sharing their social posts, and leaving reviews online.

Display your Pride

Displaying or wearing your Hammonton branded gear is always a plus. Head over to our online store and pick up an adorable "Support Local" Tote Bag to add to your collection.

Enter to Win

As part of the #hammontonsmall movement, we’re taking two of our Support Local Blueberry Bags and stuffing them chock-full of goodies from merchants located in the Hammonton area. 

"Eat Local" Giveaway

Contains a variety of items featuring products and services from local restaurants, grocery stores, breweries, and wineries. 

"Shop Local" Giveaway

Contains a variety of products and services featuring local fashion, home decor, beauty, and self-care businesses.

Support Local

Get the Bag

Snag one of these custom Salon A’vanti Blueberry Tote Bags for yourself or a friend!